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Blenter is a holiday season that coincides with Lent. It is essentially a bender during Lent. Be forewarned, Blenter is not a holiday for the weak, wimpy, or untrained. Months of pre-season training is needed to endure the full duration of Blenter. It is strongly encouraged you consult a doctor before beginning and also that you consider rehab at the conclusion. Blenter at your own risk.


Unlock the mystery behind the nation's favorite made-up holiday! Do you have the mettle, brain cells, and hepatocytes to survive the Blenten season? This is not for the weak-hearted!

...and as always, please Blent responsibly!

A Festive SeasonEdit

As the story goes, two friends were sitting in a bar discussing which vices they were to give up for the upcoming religious season known as Lent. One friend jokingly vowed to selflessly sacrifice his sobriety for the 40 day, 40 night run. The friends agreed, hilarity ensued.  

It didn't take long to realize the appropriate uniform of blenter would be beautiful track jackets emblazoned with glorious embroidered hummingbirds, also the official bird of blenter.

Obviously this irresponsible proposition would admittedly become a horrible idea that would catch on and spread like an airborne virus through a small, rural New York town. "Friends were made, drink were drank, lives were ruined". With each evening that passed, a new tradition was added to the mythos we have come to accept into our hearts and livers. Coincidence adds to the easy transition into inebriation, as many festive happenings already naturally occur during the Blenter season. The Polar Bear Swim, Winter Carnival, St. Paddy's Day, Easter - All festivities that permeate through the encompassing walls of our favorite made-up holiday.


Guzzly the Blenter Gnome

So go out, steal yourself a gianormous novelty flip flop, decorate it, hang ridiculous thing over your mantle, put out a glass of scotch and some BMF chicken wings and wait for a drunken visit from Guzzly the Blenter Gnome. Be warned though, he gets a little "handsy".

...and as always, please Blent responsibly.

With Life Comes ConsequencesEdit

Does that mean that Guzzly is asking you to binge drink, get wrecked, and make an arse of yourself each and every night? Good God, no! This is a Gentlemen's holiday about paying homage to the community, to friends and family.

So go have a beer! Drink a scotch! Go forth and celebrate the Nation's favorite holiday with a good buzz, some good food, and some good folks! Always conduct yourself in gentlemanly manner and as always... please Blent responsibly!


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